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The US government administers multiple export control programs to monitor and regulate the transfer of goods, technology, software, services, and information to foreign nationals and foreign destinations. All products exported from the United States must be classified for licensing purposes; of these, a small but very important percentage will require an advance export license prior to shipment overseas which failure to obtain can result in very heavy civil, even criminal penalties.

Among our services in the arena of export control law and compliance, our team of experts is ready to provide you with the following services:

Export Classification & Licensing

Zisser Group provides initial evaluations of new or existing products or technologies to determine which agencies may have jurisdiction to regulate their export or transfer of related technology. We prepare and submit commodity jurisdiction (CJ) determinations and classification requests. We provide our clients evaluation of eligibility for various license exceptions based on the nature of the item or technology, the proposed end-use and the end-user.

Where a license or other permit is necessary, we have substantial experience in selecting among available licensing mechanisms (e.g., temporary or permanent import or export licenses, technical assistance agreements, manufacturing license agreements, encryption licensing arrangements, distribution agreements, etc.) and drafting applications to achieve desired flexibility for our clients. We have frequently arranged meetings with policy or technical staff at appropriate agencies to discuss license applications and assist in arranging mutually satisfactory conditions or provisos.


Our Export Controls and Economic Sanctions practice has dealt with some of the most complex and burdensome issues presented by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), including the demanding commodity jurisdiction issues facing both commercial firms and defense contractors. Our team of experts advises clients regarding regulatory interpretation, registration requirements, licensing strategies, internal assessments and gap analysis, self-audits, disclosures, training, and process creation.

Denied Party Screening

AES Training

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