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why zisser group?

When it comes to goods entering the country, Zisser Group offers phenomenal services and solutions. With over 50 years of combined experience, Zisser Group is recognized in the area of Import Compliance. We’ve helped over one thousand companies successfully import their products into the U.S. while successfully being compliant with all U.S. Customs rules and regulations.

Zisser Group:

  • Simplifies the Import process for you and your company
  • Uses proven processes and guidelines to create absolute classification consistency and accuracy for all your imports
  • Helps you and your company be compliant with all U.S. Customs rules and regulations
  • Has successfully classified thousands of products in virtually every type of industry

Our professional team of compliance specialists is ready to assist and coach your company through the many areas of U.S. Import compliance, including but certainly not limited to, classification, special claims, valuation, country of origin, development of Customs compliance procedures and much more.

Some of our services include:

HTS Classification

HTS classification is one of the most critical parts of the import process. However, HTS classification is complex and requires careful attention to the many different rules and requirements. We are leading experts in HTS classification. We have successfully classified thousands of products in virtually every type of industry. Our classification experience includes apparel, footwear, electronics, medical supplies and equipment, industrial equipment, and automotive. We have the experience to handle the most challenging classification questions. In addition to determining HTS Classification we provide

    further classification services that include:

  • Preparation of binding rulings
  • Classification guidelines, decision trees
  • Other proprietary tools


Valuation is complex and requires thorough understanding of the rules and regulations, including methods of valuation, additions to value, and proper exclusions from value. Our team of experts has successfully handled the most complicated valuation issues, including computed value and reconciliation. We have successfully handled and processed more computed value declarations and reconciliation filings than any other Customs law firm in the country. We work with hundreds of Mexican manufacturing facilities (maquiladora and IMMEX) on their valuation issues. We have extensive experience and have worked with many companies covering all methods of valuation.


Importers do not have to accept Customs’ decisions regarding their imports. Customs may incorrectly classify or value merchandise or make other incorrect decisions regarding the entry and liquidation of the goods. Importers can challenge Customs’ decisions through an administrative protest usually on Customs Form 19. Allow Zisser Group handle the preparation and filing of your protests. We routinely file these on all different types of issues whether it’s’ an issue on classification, valuation or another issues that you don’t agree with, let our experts handle it. We can do the analysis, prepare the spreadsheets, setup, file with CBP and monitor its status until it is approved. We have saved and recovered over 100 million dollars in duties for our clients. We work closely with each client to gather the best supporting facts and to carefully craft the strongest legal arguments. When necessary we meet with U.S. Customs officials to secure the best possible result.

Duty Reduction Programs (DRP)

Free trade agreements and other duty reduction programs can be complex and require strict compliance with many different rules and regulations. Zisser has 25+ years of experience advising clients regarding how to qualify for duty savings from free trade agreements and other duty reduction programs. Whether the claim involves NAFTA, CAFTA, GSP, or one of the Chapter 98 provisions (including 9801 or 9802 provisions) of the tariff schedule, our team can help companies fully analyze and determine eligibility for all special claims and free trade agreements. Other DRP services include the preparation of eligibility determination guidelines and other proprietary tools.

Focused Assessment

A focused assessment is an audit of an importer’s internal controls for Customs transactions, together with selected import transactions conducted by US Customs. The reason for this assessment is to determine an importer’s level of compliance and ensure that the importer is compliant with Customs laws and regulations. If a company is found out of compliance, the company will be required to put in place a compliance improvement plan.

Stakes can be high for a non-compliant company. With our years of experience, our experts will coach you through the preparation process for a US Customs focused assessment. We will evaluate and make recommendations, help you develop procedures and action plans, and support you throughout the entire process.

ISA Enrollment

Companies that are compliant with US Customs rules and regulations can enjoy many exclusive benefits by participating in the Importer Self-Assessment (ISA) program. Our Customs Compliance team has successfully enrolled many companies in the US Customs Importer Self-Assessment program. We strongly recommend this program for all importers who are committed to import compliance. The exclusive benefits associated with ISA virtually eliminate many of the risks associated with being a US importer, including an exemption from penalties. We encourage all importers to seriously consider this special opportunity.

To begin the process we work closely with our clients to document all aspects of their US import compliance operation. The documentation covers HTS classification, valuation, duty reduction claims, country of origin, recordkeeping and self-assessment. We help our client through the entire enrollment process, including application, documentation of all procedures, ISA review meeting with US Customs, and follow up issues. Once approved in ISA, we continue to support our clients as they maintain and monitor their import compliance program.

Investigations, Penalties and Seizures

Violations of US Customs laws can result in both criminal and civil investigations. The penalties and fines of these violations can be very costly, and Customs has the authority to seize the merchandise in some cases.

As attorneys-at-law, our legal team is ready to successfully handle the most sensitive matters with all the privileges afforded by the attorney-client relationship. Zisser has many years of experience representing clients involved in many violations and breaches.

We work to end the investigations, lower the penalties or alleviate the claims. We work with clients in preventing such breaches, through our audit and training programs to identify problems before they become a Customs focal point.

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