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Our Team:

At Zisser Group, we have several top experts in the international trade industry today. These internationally acclaimed individuals are able to provide you with world-class knowledge and experience in a variety of international trade practices, training methods, and automation in HTS classification.

Industry Thought Leaders

Each of them have established reputations as thought-leaders in their areas of expertise and have earned the respect of the industry. They have delivered key note addresses on the trends, principles, practices, processes, and tools that have driven or will drive the international trade industry.

Practical Experience

Each of them have established reputations as thought-leaders in their areas of expertise and have earned the respect of the industry. They have delivered key note addresses on the trends, principles, practices, processes, and tools that have driven or will drive the international trade industry.

Pragmatic Doers

Finally, Zisser Group is different from many law firms, brokerage firms, and consulting companies. At Zisser Group, while we are able to grow our project teams when required, our experts like working on projects, they enjoy solving tough problems, they like difficult challenges, they like enhancing quality service, and they want to make your organization successful.

Meet Our Team of Qualified Experts:

Steve Zisser, President

Steven B. Zisser, Esq., President and Founder of Zisser Group, has more than 20 years’ experience in the area of US Customs Law. He is a recognized licensed attorney in the State of California that can practice before the US Court of International Trade and the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

As a leader and visionary in his field, he has developed highly effective procedures and processes for some of the nation’s largest manufacturers, distributors and retailers, covering classification, valuation, origin, marking/labeling, free trade agreements, and recordkeeping.

With a winning record of accomplishments helping clients save and recover millions of dollars, Steven ensures his commitment to excellent customer service, complete transparency, and the highest quality work. He successfully handles his Fortune 500 clients’ most delicate matters, such as investigations, penalties, seizures, and prior disclosures as well as binding ruling requests and protests.

In addition to his contribution within the community of International Trade, Steven is a world renowned speaker and trainer who delivers’ unbeatable results. He has trained thousands of high profile professionals on US Customs compliance and supply chain security. His presentations are instructive, entertaining, and simply the best. Using Masters Method, students from all levels of experience can quickly learn how to apply and commit to memory the most important Customs compliance issues.

Steven B. Zisser holds a law degree from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and possesses a Bachelor of Art degree from the University of California at Berkeley. He has served as President of the Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce and is currently a member of the Western Maquiladora Trade Association, San Diego World Trade Center, and the US Customs Bar Association.

Cindy Zisser, Executive V.P.

Cindy Zisser is the founder of ZISSER Focused and Exec. V. P. of ZISSER Group. Utilizing her expert knowledge of education she has developed proven techniques that strengthen your business relationships, reputation, and respect level; while capturing enthusiasm through the art of presenting.

Through her strong leadership Cindy has successfully designed and delivered exceptional trainings to many Fortune 500 companies throughout the world. Her commitment to improve the audience experience has helped propel ZISSER’s reputation as one of the nation’s leading professional service organizations in the area of international trade law.

Cindy was born in New York. And, typical of many native New Yorkers, she thrives in a fast-paced environment and sets the highest standards for our company. She is the author and presenter of three books on training and business development.
Cindy’s methodology is celebrated worldwide and she sets the highest standards for the Zisser brand.

Juan Carlos Moreno, Director of Trade Compliance

Juan Carlos Moreno is the Director of Trade Compliance at Zisser Group. He handles HTS classification, preparation of binding ruling requests, Certificate of Origin review and preparation, US Customs protests and PEAs, cost reconciliation, and consulting with clients regarding record keeping and ISA enrollment.

Juan has extensive experience in US Compliance aspects on a variety of products including in the wearing apparel, electronics, medical, telecommunication, automotive, sporting goods and aerospace industries. It is through this experience that he has been successful in advising companies of what their Customs obligations are and has helped set up internal processes to monitor and control key risk areas.

His expertise has also provided up the opportunity to train people on trade compliance issues utilizing our Masters Method approach. Juan is one of the developers of Zisser’s Masters Method import compliance training sessions. His expertise in the subject has helped make these sessions a success with attendees and their companies. He is currently on board with Tradiance our development team building automation systems that will revolutionize HTS classification and import compliance program.

Juan has 20 years of experience in the Customs field and is bilingual in English and Spanish. He is a former employee both of a major US Customs broker and one of the largest production shelters along the US – Mexico border where he managed the US Customs compliance department for 31 active importers. He has a B.A. in Business Administration from the Universidad Iberoamericana

Don Aragon, Director of IT Operations

Mr. Aragon has delivered over twenty years of successful leadership skills in the area of IT operations for healthcare, legal, game development, manufacturing, and construction industries. Don’s responsibilities as the Director of IT Operations for Zisser Group encompass all aspects of network infrastructure, security, system administration, and management of Internet properties.

Mr. Aragon is the current assistant chair for BIT in the SD Community College District and an adjunct instructor for Cisco Networking. Don was also recognized by Cisco for quality of student education by naming students to the Dream Team that was responsible for the tear up and tear down of the wireless infrastructure at the Cisco Live convention for 18K attendees held in 2012.

Steve Ungar, Director of Product Development

Steve Ungar is a senior level software executive with twenty years of experience launching, managing, and marketing successful software applications. He is an expert at analyzing a company’s process and creating easy to use systems to automate them. Steve is responsible for overseeing Trādiance’s day to day software and data operations, including the development and support of its systems.

Before joining Trādiance, Steve was Director of Program Management for Qualcomm. At Nielsen, Steve served in several senior level functions and most recently was the Assistant VP of Product Management, responsible for a line of desktop and online products used by Fortune 500 companies across the US.

Yennise Sandez, Compliance Specialist

Yennise Sandez is a Compliance Specialist at Zisser. She has contributed and interacted with many of our clients around the world by overseeing and assisting with the implementation and maintenance of their compliance and supply chain security program.

Yennise specializes in preparing accurate supply chain security profiles, following up with Customs authorities on behalf of her clients, and preparing the documentation required by the program. She also handles HTS classification, ISA enrollments, Certificate of Origin review and preparation and U.S. Customs protests.

Yennise has a background in the import-export area, where she worked for a U.S. Customs Broker that specialized with imports from Asia. She has experience in working with suppliers, custom brokers, freight forwarders and wholesale customers. She graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and minor in Spanish. She is a native Spanish speaker and is fluent in English.

Felisa Li, Compliance Specialist

Felisa Li serves as one of Zisser Group’s Compliance Specialist. She is responsible for providing regulatory compliance guidance for import/export products and services to our valued clients. She also works very closely with our popular Masters Method Trainings. She travels around the country training students on HTS and ECCN Classification.

In addition, Felisa also serves as Marketing Coordinator for Zisser Group and Zisser Focused. She helps oversee the hands-on day-to-day execution of marketing plans action items, including brochures, events planning, website development, branding, and more.

Felisa has a background in the import-export area, as well as marketing. She is fluent in both Spanish and Chinese and graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business with emphasis in Chinese, Marketing and Asia Pacific. Outside of work, Felisa enjoys reading, cooking, and sports such as soccer, football and basketball.