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Supply Chain Security:

why zisser group?

We are the global leader in supply chain security and have successfully participated in over 700 supply chain security-related engagements. We’ve also trained more people on supply chain security than any other professional service organization and our training programs are currently in use at over 500 companies worldwide.

Zisser Group:

  • Cuts through the complexity of C-TPAT by leveraging proven procedures and processes
  • Quickly achieves Certification with minimal disruption of your company’s existing operations
  • Consistently exceeds U.S. Customs requirements
  • Achieves superior quality through constant upgrades
  • Provides the highest degree of program customization
  • Strong relationships with U.S. Customs supply chain security specialists throughout the country
  • Builds and maintains long term relationships with clients

Zisser Group’s comprehensive services include:


Zisser Group offers the best verifiable supply chain security program enrollment packages (C-TPAT, PIP, NEEC, AEO) to ensure a successful certification. We have a 99% success rate on all supply chain security applications prepared by our team of experts. With our knowledge and experience, we can guide you through the complex process and assist you with an outstanding solution.

Our enrollment program includes the following features:

  • Risk assessment of your international supply chain, including critical company locations and supply chain business partners
  • Individually tailored supply chain security profile/application according to your operations and the specific Customs’ requirements of the countries you work in
  • Customized and fully documented supply chain security program with maintenance manuals designed to cover every required area (in any and all languages needed.) Each program includes:
  • Documented procedures
  • Process flow diagrams
  • Evaluation and testing schedules and tools
  • Supporting documents
  • Security training and threat awareness programs
  • Training for management and other employees on how to maintain and support your new supply chain security program


Zisser Group has successfully participated in over 200 on-site validations for both domestic and foreign operations. We have prepared companies to meet and exceed Customs’ expectations for their facility and subsidiaries. Our immediate validation support services will help you quickly prepare for on-site visits by the Customs Validation Team that include the following benefits:

  • On-site security assessment
  • Detailed recommendations covering identified vulnerabilities and breaches
  • Detailed briefing and coaching with your management team covering the validation process
  • Formal presentation for the Customs validation team in which we describe, illustrate and highlight the company’s supply chain security procedures and internal controls
  • Response to validation reports
  • Corrective measures plan

Program Maintenance

Zisser Group understands that enrolling in a Supply Chain Program is important but maintaining the certification is a critical exercise to any company. For that reason, we have developed a comprehensive maintenance program to keep you up-to-date and preserve your good standing with the supply chain security program. Our maintenance services will help you seamlessly implement all C-TPAT and Supply Chain Security requirements. Our experts will manage your maintenance program to meet all ongoing Customs’ requirements including:

  • Security profile/application reviews as needed to ensure all information matches your current security procedures and practices.
    Updates to make certain your program meet changing requirements and all the needs of the countries in which you do business.
  • Security evaluations and regularly scheduled testing to verify your company is complying with all its documented security procedures and practices.
  • On-site security audits and risk assessments provide hands-on and concise analysis of threats, vulnerabilities and compliance of each visited facility.

Procedures and Internal Control

All government-sponsored supply chain security programs (AEO, C-TPAT, PIP, NEEC, etc.) require that your company must have documented policies, procedures and supporting documents (such as checklists and logs) for critical areas of the supply chain. Comprehensive and detailed procedures are the key towards having a successful supply chain security program and a secure supply chain.

At Zisser Group, we deliver the most complete documented policies and procedures to guarantee your company the necessary tools to implement and maintain its supply chain security program with ease and efficiency. Our documentation tools are delivered in self-contained area-specific binders and generally cover the following areas:

  • Risk assessment
  • Business partner requirements
  • Cargo security
  • Physical access controls
  • Personnel security
  • Procedural security
  • Shipping security
  • Production of goods
    Loading of goods
  • Receiving security
  • Incoming goods
    Storage of goods
  • Security training and threat awareness
  • Physical security
  • Information systems security

Security Training

The most fundamental requirement of all government-sponsored supply chain security programs is to provide your employees with Supply Chain Security Training on a regular basis. Zisser Group will provide general training to all employees and additional specific training to shipping and receiving personnel, security guards, and cross border drivers.

We have trained more people in various languages on supply chain security than any other professional service organization in the world. Our security awareness training programs are currently used by over 500 companies throughout the world, and we have developed customized training material for companies enrolled in AEO, C-TPAT, PIP, NEEC and other supply chain security programs.

We can help train your staff with any or all of the following programs:

  • Live, on-site educational training
  • Large scale public seminars
  • Disk-based training
  • Web-based training

We can also train your staff on security and threat awareness including:

  • General and administrative staff
  • Shipping and receiving staff
  • Truck drivers
  • Security guards
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