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Experience Zisser Group’s training phenomenon! For years Zisser Group has impacted hundreds of fortune 500 companies and thousands of students worldwide with their methods, approaches, and effective strategies. There is not an industry that isn’t using one of Zisser Group’s training components. If you are looking for real live trainings on HTS & ECCN Classification; valuable on-demand compliance trainings you can watch on your own time; or simply want to learn how you can transform your trainings and events into a successful one that delivers you the results you desire, Zisser Group can help. Take a few moments to learn how you can bring about positive results through one of our trainings.

Masters Method Training

Masters Method is the best and most recommended HTS & ECCN Classification training in the world. Today, our approach to classification is the most widely used classification process, responsible for hundreds of thousands of classifications every month. Join the exclusive group of trade professionals who have experience Masters Method and are now classifying with speed, accuracy, and confidence. Come and experience:

  • A proven process that delivers consistent results
  • Real life practice exercises to re-enforce and strengthen newly learned skills
  • Fun, engaging and interactive way of learning classification
  • Continuing education after the training
  • And much more!

Compliance TV

Following the success of our Masters Method trainings, we’ve developed: Compliance TV, a new innovative online format that delivers quality on-demand compliance training programs to trade professionals looking for an effective way to improve and grow their skills. With Compliance TV, you will find all the resources you’ll need at your own convenience and time. Compliance TV provides:

  • One-stop source of information, training, and assistance on all aspects of international trade regulations and compliance
  • Simplified approach to learn about Customs Compliance
  • Full library of key compliance topics
  • An engaging and interactive way of e-learning
  • All the tools you’ll need to improve your career potential

Zisser Focused

Thousands of students who have attended our Masters Method and Compliance TV trainings rave about how engaging and effective our training style is; and the results we get are just extraordinary. The key to our success is Zisser Focused. Zisser Focused provides proven tools and techniques to improve and enhance all your speaking opportunities. Whether you present at conferences, seminars, trainings, or a corporate presentation, Zisser Focused is for you.

  • Master the art of communication and achieve stunning results
  • Build confidence and enhance your leadership skills
  • Leave your audience praising your training abilities
  • Establish your corporate and personal brand
  • And more!